Powerful Text Analysis with Cloud Natural Language API for SEO

We implemented a new function in our Search Console Helper.

Google Cloud Natural Language API reveals the structure and meaning of text by offering powerful machine learning models. Now we integrated this awesome function.

Google Cloud Natural Language API

Forget to count the number of words of your website. It its better to write “meaningful” text. Meaningful text has a high sentiment magnitude.

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How to do effective backlink analysis with Search Console Helper

To download the links, you have to use the Google Search Console – Webmasters tool / Search Traffic / Links to your site sub menu, and choose Download latest links.
(Link for a given property: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/external-links-domain)

Discover how a new set of features in Search Console Helper completely revolutionizes backlink analysis and SEO research, and helps you better manage your incoming links.

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