New release: – OnPage site (Crawl URL), day-on-day comparison, crawl errors

The new version of Search Console Helper ( contains

  • New OnPage site (former name: Crawl Url) even more analysis,
  • Day-on-day comparison on data and on chart also,
  • Crawl error page improvements,
  • Seo scoring options in our Premium page.

OnPage site (former Crawl Url page)

We changed our URL crawling module and renamed it to OnPage. Now you can analyze your sites more clearer, transparent and detailed, than before. We changed the layout to be user-friendly: you can easily hide layout groups, filter in list of images, links, canonicals, and keywords. In addition we introduced a new mechanism, and we handle different the warnings, informations, and errors. You can find these data in the summary tab.

  • OnPage: Main data of the webpage
    OnPage: Main data of the webpage
  • OnPage: Canonicals, images of the webpage
    OnPage: Canonicals, images of the webpage
  • OnPage: Keywords of the webpage
    OnPage: Keywords of the webpage


Day-on-day comparison

We’ve expanded the filtering options in the Premium page, and now you can easily select one or more days. It is going to filtering the selected date range data according to the days chosen.

Day on day comparison

Crawl error page improvements

Now you can see the sum value of the links, and you can easily export both of tables to excel. If you clicking twice on rows, you can delete crawl errors (see more on Crawl error page)

Seo scoring options on Premium page

If you click on the page scoring button, first we crawl the html content (if it is not in the local cache), then we analyze (in the background) the content of the response html based on different criteria.  Among other things we checking the page title, meta tags, links, canonicals, bases, images, and we classify the result in three different classes: Warning, Error, and Information. Finally you see these results on 3 separated columns, and if you hover over with mouse to the given cell value, you see the details in a tooltip window (also you see these results on the Summary part of OnPage).

Day on day comparison

In the past we’ve decided to cut prices by 50% to make it even more easier to access Search Console Helper.

Do not wait, upgrade immediately to the new version and let’s check out the new features.

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