How to track branded and non-branded keywords

Branded Keywords

Most SEO and PPC professionals divide keywords into branded keywords and non-branded ones. This article will help you understand what do these terms mean, how they differ, what is their significance and how to properly track and measure the performance of branded and non-branded keywords in SEO and PPC campaigns.

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Good news for Mac users!

Microsoft Remote Desktop, solution for Mac users

As of today, Mac users can use Search Console Helper via the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

The app connects their Mac to our PC and allows them to run Search Console Helper remotely.

You will find the complete instructions on how to set up Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac and how to connect to Search Console Helper here.

How to use Search Console Helper with a Mac

We’re currently experiencing problems with the remote server and are working on a fix. Until further notice, this service is unavailable. Thank you for your understanding!

Even though Search Console Helper is a Windows application, you can access it also from your Mac machine. All you need is a remote desktop connection. This article explains what is it, how to set it up and how to use it.

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How to monitor and fix URL crawl errors the right way

Fixing crawl errors: soft 404 vs hard 404

We have been re-doing our site back in September 2016. As part of that process, we also deleted a bunch of pages. One month later, Google Search Console is showing a significant increase in crawl errors. Today’s article will show why this happened, how to determine if this is a potential SEO problem for us and how to easily fix URL crawl errors for your own site, using Search Console Helper.

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