New release: – Search Console Domain Properties, Delete crawl error module, week number in chart weekly view

The new version of Search Console Helper ( contains

  • NEW Domain-wide properties based on the new Google Search Console UI,
  • the week number in the chart,
  • the removal of the crawl errors module,

New Domain-wide properties based on the new Google Search Console UI

Based on the new, improved user interface of Google Search Console, we introduced the domain properties feature. Now you check your all website in one step (http, https, www, and non-www).

More details about the new feature you can find here:

Show week number on weekly view of the chart

Now you can easily check up the week number in the crosshair label of the chart.

Removal of the crawl errors module

Unfortunately we should delete the crawl error management page, because the Google Search Console totally terminated the functionality.

“Along with the Crawl Errors report, we’re also deprecating the crawl errors API that’s based on the same internal systems. At the moment, we don’t have a replacement for this API. We’ll inform API users of this change directly.” – saying Google.

For more you can find here:

In the past we’ve decided to cut prices by 50% to make it even more easier to access Search Console Helper.

Do not forget to upgrade immediately to the new version.

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