New release: – Date interval extension, Amazon data processing

The new version of Search Console Helper ( contains

  • Date interval filter extension based on Google Search Console new UI,
  • Amazon data processing for a sale platform,

Date interval filter extension based on Google Search Console new UI

Based on the new, improved user interface of Google Search Console, we changed our date filtering possibilities with extended intervals.

Now Google supports data for 16 months back.


Amazon data processing for a sale platform

Now you can upload and analyze your query excel files connected with Amazon API. This function just works with German language excel files. (Suchbegriffen).

For analyzing you have the same user interface like on our Overview page with different kind of grouping, sorting, and filtering.

The excel should contains the following columns in this order:

Datum Währung Kampagnen-Name Anzeigengruppenname Schlüsselwort Übereinstimmungstyp Suchbegriff des Kunden Sichtkontakte Klicks Click-Through-Rate (CTR) Kosten pro Klick (CPC) Ausgaben 7 Tage, Umsatz gesamt (€) Gesamtumsatzkosten für Werbung (Advertising Cost of Sales, ACoS) Gesamtrendite von Werbeausgaben (Return on Advertising Spend, ROAS) 7 Tage, Aufträge gesamt (#) 7 Tage, Einheiten gesamt (#) 7-Tage-Konversionsrate 7 Tage, Beworbene SKU-Einheiten (#) 7-Tage, Andere SKU-Einheiten (#) 7 Tage, Beworbene SKU-Umsätze (€) 7-Tage, Andere SKU-Umsätze (€)


In the past we’ve decided to cut prices by 50% to make it even more easier to access Search Console Helper.

Do not wait, upgrade immediately to the new version.

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