Cloud Natural Language API

Powerful Text Analysis with Cloud Natural Language API for SEO

we implemented an new function in our Search Console Helper.

Google Cloud Natural Language API reveals the structure and meaning of text by offering powerful machine learning models. Now we integrated this awesome function.

Forget to count the number of words of your website. It its better to write “meaningful” text. Meaningful text has a high sentiment magnitude.

To get the sentiment magnitude you can use the “Analyze language” function of our SEO tool Search Console Helper.

Google Cloud Natural Language API we integrated the  Cloud Natural Language API in version 1.7.1

3 good reasons to use the Cloud Natural Language API

  1. extract information
  2. understand sentiment
  3. analyze your text

extract information

You can use it to extract information about people, places, events and much more, mentioned in text documents, news articles or blog posts.

understand sentiment

Analyze and understand the sentiment for your website or of a text.

analyze your text

With the natural language API you can extract tokens and sentences, identify parts of speech (PoS). Also dependency trees for each sentence can be analyzed. It can also identify entities e.g. person, organization, location, events, products and media.

Search Console Helper calculates the document score and document magnitude

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Enjoy and keep checking back!


Beta-testing program opens


We are opening the doors for 50 committed individuals to test-drive Search Console Helper. As part of our beta-testing program, your role will be to help us catch bugs, iron out problems, recommend changes, decide on new features and, generally, help us make Search Console Helper the best it can be for you.

In exchange, we will give you free access to the latest paid version of the software. If you are interested, click here to read the details and submit your application.